Woman With 2 Different Vaginas Shares Her Sexual Experiences And Wow We Can’t Believe Our Eyes

Mutants are a thing of reality, I mean don’t get me wrong I wish the X-Men were real. That’d be so cool, but in the end they are just comic books. We have real live mutants in our everyday lives, you’ve probably heard of a few or even know some.
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Like anyone with 2 different colored eyes for example. And you've probably heard stories about people being born with two livers, an extra hand, or maybe even an extra heart.
Sarah McDaniel
Medical anomalies do exist, but we've definitely never heard about someone like this before. This young woman, who was brave enough to do an AMA with the vast audience of Reddit, has two vaginas. Yup, you read that right- two complete vaginas, each of which are in working order.