Woman Who Survived Abusive Marriage Shares The Chilling Text Messages Her Violent Husband Would Send Her

It can be so difficult to get out of an abusive relationship. While it may seem so easy to leave a person who hurts you either physically, verbally, or both on the outside looking in...it's so different when you find yourself in that situation yourself. Especially if you think you love this person.
It's said that at least three women were killed by their romantic partners every single day in the United States. That's over 1,000 women a year. Because of these tragic statistics, it's so important when we hear about amazing stories of women who have survived abuse and live to tell their stories and inspire other women who find themselves in similar situations...
Like Imgur user, KrissyKross. She shared her story online and it has gone viral for an amazing reason. It is a story of how she survived a terribly abusive relationship, and she wants other women to know they don't have to be stuck in those relationships. You can get out...