Woman Rejects Guy After Tinder Date And When He Agrees They Had Zero Chemistry She Goes Absolutely Crazy on Him!

Ahh, yes. You've got to love Tinder. It's great for those who just want a hook up, it is great for the rare couple who actually end up falling in love after meeting on the dating app, but it's also great for everyone because we get hilarious Tinder date stories like this one to enjoy. I'm sorry, is that mean to say?
As with any type of dating, Tinder dates do not always go as planned. Sometimes the chemistry just is not there and that is something that just can't (and should not) be forced. This is exactly what happened when a man and woman recently went out for dinner after matching on Tinder...
After the date, the guy realized that there was not a future with this girl but he didn't want to just lead her on and make her believe there was possibly something more. That's when he decided to text her. He sent her this civil and polite text the following day, "Hey. I just wanted to say it was really great meeting you last night. Hope you're having a great day!" Then it got even crazier...