This Guy Got Some Amazing Revenge On His Cheating Wife

When you are in a relationship, getting cheated on can be the worst feeling in the world. I hate to say it but I have no respect for cheaters, I know every situation is different and the heart wants what the heart wants, but let’s stop pretending like there is any kind of nobility in it.
Her Zimbabwe
That being said I can’t imagine what it’s like being cheated on when you’re married to the person. It’s like double, triple the effort of leaving them, there have to be other people involved like lawyers and family. Ugh. What a headache.
This guy’s story is a tad inspiring if you find yourself in a marriage where your spouse may be cheating on you. It could be a good idea if you don’t know what to do/how to confront them. The first thing to do is check on their birthday. Is it coming up?
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