Warner Bros. Have Announced Two New Prince Albums With Previously Unreleased Music

Prince was as genius a performer as he was prolific -- not only did the famed musician leave many heartbroken with his untimely death, but his giant vault of unreleased music had people asking if the world would get to hear any post-humorous tracks out of him. giphy And because money is the driving force behind any decision a company makes, Warner Bros. and NPG Records have announced that two new Prince albums are on their way, set to contain previously unreleased songs. giphy-1

According to Complex, the first album will be a "best-of" collection titled Prince 4Ever, set to be released on November 22nd.


The second album, however, is planned for an early 2017 release date and will be a remastered, deluxe version of Purple Rain.


As for the unreleased tracks that will be making appearances on the albums...