Video Of Donald Trump’s Inappropriate Flirting With This Irish Reporter Has Managed To Make The Whole Internet Uncomfortable

We are halfway through 2017 and it is about time we started accepting the sad reality that Donald Trump is here to stay. Despite our best efforts, the orange cheeto has claimed his stake to the throne and it has now become permanent. But that’s not the only bizarre thing to occur as of lately in America.
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Sexual harassment lawsuits are getting dismissed like yesterday’s papers. Apparently, this country doesn’t care if a woman has been sexually harassed. In fact, it cares so little, we are willing to put them in office! Brock Turner, Bill Cosby, and POTUS himself have all managed to escape rape and molestation charges without a scratch.
You would think with these accusations that these perverts would stay as far away from anything that could compromise them, but this is America, and we are an a** backwards country. No instead these men dive head first into the center of scandals. For example, Bill Cosby teaching a class on how to avoid rape charges. And now, Donald Trump, objectifying women on camera, while he’s on a very important phone call. Welcome to America, where the rules no longer matter.
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