United Airlines Is Facing Internet Backlash For Barring Teenage Girls For Wearing Leggings On Their Flight

Airplanes are cool and they are a marvel invention from human civilization, the actual act of flying is about as close to fabricating a miracle as it gets. But doing the whole act, well it’s kind of stressful...Getting to the airport, dealing with long lines, traffic, TSA, and so on and so forth.
After you go through all those hassles and obstacles it may seem like you can finally relax and get to your destination stress free. And that may very well be the case but in order to be stress free one must be comfortable. Not to mention, unless you’re flying first class, getting comfortable in an airplane is damn near impossible. I always stray away from wearing uncomfortable clothing on planes, I feel like we all do or at least should.
The New York Times
United Airlines, however, has a different opinion… Apparently, United does not like it when leggings are brought onboard. I know it sounds ridiculous, leggings are easily the most comfortable type of bottoms there is, but they don’t care. They actually banned a few young girls from getting on their plane because they were wearing tights. And now they are facing a lot of backlash from the Internet.