A Tribute To Underbuns, The Unsung Heroes Of Summer

Climate change is real, and if you don’t believe the facts your read maybe you will consider how it feels outside. It’s getting hotter and hotter outside and you can’t deny that, you can also see it because people are wearing less and less clothing.
With that being said, ladies, it’s time to break out a pair of your shortest shorts. It’s time to unleash the underbuns. You know the underbuns, that little piece of booty meat that doesn’t get covered up when your shorts are just short enough, yeah that one. We all know it and we all love it, there’s even a whole Instagram dedicated to it.
Let’s be honest there’s a lot more people that prefer butts to boobs and that plays in our favor during these blistering hot months. Remember ladies: You don’t have to be a Kim Kardashian to show off great underbuns. It’s ALL about the right style and cut of your shorts. If no store has what you’re looking for DIY a pair of your old jeans to fit just right. Trust me you won’t regret it.