24-Year-Old Smokeshow Sub Teacher Was Caught Having Sex With A Student In His Car And Is Now Facing Some Crazy Charges

I guess teens that were born in the 1980’s benefited from a more restricted upbringing in the sense that, Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher wouldn’t influence them in any manner. I can’t say what influences kids these days to do anything really, with so many different influences being shoved in our faces through our screens 24/7. But the kids who listened to Van Halen might be a bit confounded with the cases of arrested teachers we see in the news everyday.
See back in the day, teachers were just the thing of fantasy. Something we might see in a movie, or like the formerly mentioned, a music video. No one would really dare to approach any administrative figure sexually. But now, teens have all the courage, all the balls, and no common sense.
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The latest to come from this specific category of crime, comes from southwestern Missouri. A former substitute teacher was arrested last week and charged in connection with alleged sexual contact with one of her students, multiple times in multiple locations.
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