A Brilliant Guy Made This Struggling Goldfish A Wheelchair And It Is The Cutest Thing In Existence

A 19-year-old girl named Taylor Nicole Dean recently brought her goldfish in to the aquarium because something was wrong. She says she knew something wasn't right with her goldfish and that the fish needed some help...
Apparently, the fish had bladder problems and had tried numerous treatments already that just didn't seem to help the problem. She initially noticed the issue because her fish appeared to be swimming upside down, leaning to one side, and floating on top of the tank which is never a good sign!
Taylor decided to take her precious goldfish to an expert in San Antonio named Derek. Turns out that was the best decision she could make. Derek explained what happened himself via tex message, "A customer brought in a goldfish with a permanent bladder disorder, so I made him a custom wheelchair, and he loves it."