Stray Dog Kicked By Abusive Stranger Comes Back With His Pack To Ruin Guy’s Car Because Animals Are Awesome

A dog may be a man’s best friend but sometimes, not all men treat all dogs that way. Stray dogs can be seen as threatening, scary, and somewhat dangerous. In countries like China and India, stray dogs are a dime a dozen. They over populate the streets and it’s all too sad to even think about.
Yes, it’s true due to their terrible living conditions sometimes these dogs can become violent. But the same could be said of humans if we went weeks, even months, with scraps for food. God knows I get hangry if I don’t eat for more than 4 hours. I can only imagine being one of these poor starving animals.
Earth Porm
In China, one man was taught a lesson by a stray dog who didn’t take any of his sh*t. I don’t care what kind of day you’re having, you don’t take it out on an animal. This one guy from China definitely won’t ever mess with dogs anymore after what the dog did to his car...
Daily Mail