Sex Worker Mother Claims Her Job Has Made Her A Better Parent

A 31-year-old sex worker and sex writer who often refers to herself as an ‘unlicensed underwear therapist’ said she believes her job makes her a better mom. Elle Stanger, from Portland, Oregon, is a stripper and sex writer as well as being a mom to a five-year-old daughter. She has also previously done webcam on and off, writes erotica and sells her own porn. who lives with her five-year-old daughter, spends three days a week working in a strip club.

Daily Mail

She told Barcroft TV:

“The nature of my work is varied. I work in a strip club three days a week, I’ve done webcam on and off, I write erotica and I sell my own porn, me and my partner just made our own - that was fun. I feel like being a sex worker makes me a better mom because I’ve developed a greater sense of empathy. It means that I’m responsible to make a human being that is better for the world. She is going to be a lot more secure about the world around her.”
Christopher Ryan