This Model Asked To Be Roasted And Deleted Her Account When Things Went Too Far

The internet is full of trolls just waiting to find a way to try to make someone regret logging on in the first place. They're the kind of people that flock to YouTube videos of cute puppies playing with each other and leave a comment that says "Kill yourself." They're the kind of people that look like this.
Open Minded
It would be rude to suggest that all trolls are basement-dwelling dweebs driven entirely by hatred. There are actually some people out there who have come up with creative ways to get under people's skin, and they can be pretty entertaining as long as you're not on the receiving end of their attacks. However, there are people out there that actually go out of their way to put themselves into the line of fire.
South Park
Reddit has a section called r/roastme that people flock to in order to be made fun of (because some people are apparently into that kind of thing). The concept is simple: you post a picture of yourself, and you are subsequently brutally mocked by strangers on the internet. People can usually take it, but not everyone has thick enough skin. One of those people is Instagram model Niece Waidhofer.