Topless Russian Model Scars Racoon For Life After Weird Photoshoot

Okay, so for starters, why on earth would you even think about using a raccoon in a photo shoot that requires a model and zero clothing? Since we will probably never get an answer to that question, let's talk about what happened to this poor raccoon.
It all started when a model took part in an erotic photo shoot. She was topless and apparently they thought a raccoon theme would work well for this shoot. This all went down with the Russian advertising studio called Art-Msk.
They thought of the idea and ran with it. They had the raccoon Tomas perform for them in numerous creepy and strange ways that we cannot explain or even begin to understand. In order to get the raccoon interested in the model's breasts (again...WHY?!) they lured him on her breasts with treats so they could capture their strange shots. The rest of these shots are very weird...