Pornhub Wants You To Have Sex In A Panda Costume To Help Saves The Pandas

The deforestation of a Panda’s habitats was the main cause of a long list of the reasons as to why they got put on the endangered International Union for Conservation of Nature’s list. For two decades efforts by different environmentalists were put to use in order to try and save our big furry friends.
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They are still considered vulnerable, and have been placed on the IUCN’s “Red List” alongside the African Elephant, for example. They are still somewhat close to becoming endangered again and then finally extinct. But there’s one unlikely superhero that plans to change this, and that is Pornhub. But like every good superhero needs a sidekick, Pornhub needs the public.
So what do the breeding programs and zoologists do in order to help augment the population? They make Pandas watch adult films. And that's where Pornhub is coming in to help...
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