Parents Of Transgender Teen File Lawsuit To Stop Her From Transitioning

As it stands, it can be a very hard thing to accept and deal with as a hormonal teenager. That being said, if you're of the legal age in your state and you know who you are, you should have all rights to proceed with the hormonal transition. However, for one Ohio teen, this dream has become a nightmare because his parents will do anything to stop it.


The teen is a 17-year-old Hamilton County boy who wants to begin college with the world recognizing him as just that- a boy. But instead he is spending his time fighting in court for the right to live away from his parents, who refuse to accept that their child is transgender. On one side of the battle are the boy's grandparents, with whom he currently lives and who have supported his gender transition; on the other are his parents, who lawyers say insisted he receive Christian therapy rather than be allowed to pursue hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or sex reassignment.

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