This Man Recounts His Unique Experience With A Prostitute In Amsterdam

Have you ever seen Eurotrip? You know the happy go lucky totally safe work movie about a couple high school graduates who take a backpacking trip to Europe and it’s totally innocent and nothing raunchy happens???
If you answered yes, you obviously haven’t seen Eurotrip. So let me tell you what it’s really about- four high school grads decide to chase after one of the guy’s, Scotty, mega sexy German girlfriend who he met on the Internet. I know right the early 2000’s are so much like today, it’s so weird. Because soon after that movie came out, man that just would not have been seen as, “cool” but maybe a bit desperate. But Tinder is here now so that’s totally the norm now if you happen to fall in love via WiFi.
Anyway, this guy’s diary of his trip to the motherland took place in 2011. A time where cell phones were moderately in use but you still had to go pretty out of your way to find what you are looking for in foreign lands. We have to recount his story because it really is like something out of a Eurotrip scene.