Insane Murderous Ex-Boyfriend Reveals To Girlfriend’s Family How He Raped And Killed Their Daughter

Love can make us all do crazy things, but this Russian teen took it to a whole new insane level. Warning the following story contains graphic and serious content, not for the weak of heart. Artyom Iskhakov, 19, was a sex-obsessed Russian student. He used social media to confess to murdering Tatiana Strakhova in a series of appalling and graphic messages to both their families.
The Sun
In the messages, Artyom Iskhakov did not hold back on any details when he told his ex-girlfriend's parents how he raped her as she lay dying and twice had sex with her corpse. He was confessing to this crime before deciding to kill himself. He then paused to eat a sandwich, bragging how several hours later he repeated the sickening act on "academically brilliant" Tatiana Strakhova.
Daily Mail