Missing FBI Texts Found! What’s Next For The Russia Probe?

The government and the White House have turned into something of a reality TV show surrounding real-life issues and we are all live Tweeting it. Lately, the hashtags #ReleaseTheMemo and #FindTheTexts have reigned in the conspiracy department of the Internet, but now those texts have been found. Let me explain, and do your best to follow me here, remember this is the government so things get turned around all the time.


MAGA Twitter, have found a new fountain of conspiracy theories in the work of the Trump Administration’s public enemy number one, former FBI director turned special counsel Robert Mueller. They are throwing anything they can at Mueller and his team to discredit his investigation into Russian election interference and financial impropriety by the Trump administration, including a variety of crackpot conspiracy theories that never fail to go viral on social media. https://twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/955996957519966208