Every Sexy Detail You Need To Know About This Year’s Miss BumBum Competition

If you didn’t know, the Miss BumBum competition is a pretty popular competition where countless beauties show off their bums in hopes of having the world’s best butt. It’s no surprise, but this competition gets a lot of attention from people all over the world…


Here is everything you need to know about this competition. First off, when is the 2017 competition taking place? While the actual date has not been announced yet, it is underway and registration is still open if you are thinking about entering the competition.


Back in 2015, the contest started out with 27 bum contestants and numerous girls got cut down to a final selection after just two rounds. Yep, it’s a quick process once things get started. In 2016, the final was held in November which gave the girls a lot of time to rack up the votes they need to try and win…