Mia Khalifa Answered The Sex Questions You Always Wanted To Know

Mia Khalifa, AKA Mia Callista, is a 24-year-old adult film star who was once PornHub's highest ranked adult-entertainer. became notorious for her award-winning work in the adult entertainment industry. Lebanon-born Mia, who moved to the US aged seven in 2000, has become notorious for her award-winning work in the adult entertainment industry and more recently has attempted to forge a career as a US Sports pundit.

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She first began acting in pornography in October 2014 - ranking as the number 1 performer on PornHub by December. It has been reported that Mia first got into porn when she was working in burger chain Whataburger when a customer approached her and asked if she had ever considered appearing in pornographic films. Her family is Catholic and she was raised in this religion - but no longer practices the faith. Now, she has joined former NBA star Gilbert Arenas to "explore the cultural impact" of sports through Complex magazine's YouTube channel in a daily programme called "Out of Bounds". On her more private videos, she indulges in the burning questions her fans ask. But are any of these questions too out of bounds for the former adult film star? Or are some of the basic?

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