This Female Fighter’s Secret Is To Always Have Sex Before A Match

People who play sports have a number of superstitions that they tend to take very, very seriously. For example, Michael Jordan used to wear his basketball shorts from college under his professional uniform every single game. It might sound crazy, but it certainly seemed to work out for him.
High Snobiety
Boxers are another group of athletes who tend to take special precautions to ensure a peak performance. One of those techniques involves abstaining from sex in the days leading up to a fight. People who abide by this rule say having sex can make you weaker and less aggressive. However, not everyone agrees with this tactic.
Muy Thai fighter and model Mia Kang recently revealed her not-so-secret strategy when it comes to gaining an advantage during a fight: have as much sex as possible in the days before a fight. It might go against conventional wisdom, but she explained why she gets it on before getting into the ring.