Men Reveal If They’d Actually Sleep With Love Robots And The Results Are Surprising

It is these questions that are being asked more and more because the reality of it all is, guys we are very close to that being a possible reality. Except, in the case of how weโ€™ve chosen to advance robots, it is not for the purposes of doing things for us as youโ€™d imagine. It is, instead, to accompany us. However, similar questions apply, it is just way muddier now because they revolve around the purpose of sex.
The Federalist
So now we must ask if these sexbots will desynthesize us in the way go about being intimate with one another. Luckily, we donโ€™t have to wonder anymore. One HarrietSugarCookie from YouTube has taken to the polls and surveyed over 500 men in the US, UK, and Australia to find out if we are really ready for this. She was kind enough to put everything into neat little graphic charts for those of us who are visual learners.