Men Lie About Their Penis Size Way More In This Country Than Any Other

Growing up in Texas proved a few things to be 100% true in my life and surroundings. The bigger the truck the smaller the penis. That being said a lot of kids from my high school drove gigantic Ford and Dodge trucks, so maybe it’s time to face reality fellas. You’re overcompensating for something in your life that may be too small for your ego.
Whether you are well endowed or not, is kind of not your fault, it’s just the size you were born with and unfortunately there is little you can do about that. The same goes for us women and tits by the way, so next time you judge a girl for having too small of breasts, remember your little pecker down there isn’t exactly up to par either.
But this leads me to ask, does size really and truly matter? The answer is yes. Not because it makes you less attractive or any less of a man. It is literally about being able to reach the g-spot or not. If your penis isn’t either big enough to make women climax, by default it absolutely matters. But you guys aren’t lying about size because of women, you’re lying about size because of yourself. And since no man is the same (although they are all terribly similar) the amount of lying differs from culture to culture.
Dr. Harry Fisch