Meet The Man Behind The Best Meme Of 2017, Blinking Guy, Drew Scanlon

Memes and GIFs today are on the same celebrity level as some celebrities. Probably better known among a younger crowd if we are being completely honest, I.E. Damn Daniel. Or you blow up around power hungry celebs that really want to be your friend, like Salt Bae, who hangs out with the likes of Leo Dicaprio.
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And with the facility of blowing up on the Internet as a hilarious meme, literally everyone and anyone has a chance. This year belonged to many memes, some have a shorter shelf life than others, but once in a while we get blessed with one that has staying power. In 2017 that title goes to everyone's favorite blinking white guy.
Memes/GIFs are such a huge part of everyday culture today, that even Good Morning America reports on them. Which only goes to show the power of the Internet. Oh how I wish it were an actual country... Anyway, back to the guy.
Know Your Meme
His name is Drew Scanlon, because sometimes we do forget memes come from actual people or occurences, and he was featured on Good Morning America. After attempting to get a grasp from the audience on how to properly pronounce GIF, the show's reporters interviewed Drew. They wanted to see what he thinks on how he rose to fame and if he's, "still got it."
The GMA interview got cut short, according to Drew, it was much longer. But Drew manage to get a word, or two in, when he explained how he thought Memes/GIFs have helped us communicate through the Interwebz: "We don't really have a way of communicating body language over the internet, like with text or anything, and memes are kind of that." Of course, this wasn't some sort of exclusive for GMA, after the GIF went viral in early 2017, the Internet investigated the source. Because, here in the Internet, we also believe in finding the main source for credibility. Scanlon's famous pair of baby blues were originally unveiled back in 2013 in a video from gaming site Giant Bomb, where Scanlon works as a video producer. Scanlong and company were playing a game called "Starbound." It was actually his editor that caused such blessed reaction. When his editor said, "I’ve been doing some farming with my hoe here...", Scanlon blinked. The rest is history.