Kindhearted Teen Inspires Everyone When He Invites The Most Unexpected Person To His Prom

It's always amazing to hear about a teen doing something selfless and thoughtful for another person. This is a story about a young boy named Tahj Oliver who did just that and is inspiring people all over the world!
As many 18-year-old seniors do, Tahj had prom coming up, and he knew he had to find the perfect date for his last high school dance. Who could he bring? There was really only one person who came to mind for him...and when you find out who it is, it will bring tears to your eyes.
Tahj wanted to ask someone with special needs to the prom...not so he could get all of this attention on social media, which did happen, but because he wanted to do something amazing for someone else. He just so happened to have a very close friend named Evelyn Araujo who needed a date.