A Man Who Underwent $92,000 Worth Of Surgeries To Look Like A Ken Doll, Dumped His Barbie For The Most Ridiculous Reason

Having confidence in the way we look is tough, and throughout different ages in our lives, it can either be harder or easier. You have to learn to love yourself one way or the other or else life will never be easy. Those people that resonate more with the “or the other” way are probably those who look into getting plastic surgery.
Sure, it’s definitely an option and maybe it is a plausible one but it’s a decision that takes a lot of planning, money, and courage. Going under the knife is not an easy task. Sometimes these surgeries change more than our outer appearance, sometimes they can change how we are on the inside too.
Or perhaps bring out who we really have been all along… There’s a couple from France who has spent well over 200,000 to look like their idols- Ken and Barbie. But it seems that now Barbie wants out and she made her feelings known when she dyed her hair brown.