Girl Handpicked By Justin Bieber To Attend His Yacht Party Talks About How He’s Lacking In Size In His Pants

Being a socialite sounds like the life to me. Just being invited places to show up and make your appearance because you know how to party and have a good conversation is like the dream job, in my opinion.
This was the life of Nyssa Large before she decided to take music a bit more seriously. Now the 28 year old Aussie is a socialite AND a singer/musician is heading to South Korea to compete in her countryโ€™s name for the Miss Supertalent of the World beauty pageant. But more recently, Nyssa was enlisted to attend a yacht party courtesy of Justin Bieber.
Apparently, Nyssa and seven girls were hand picked by Biebs himself to attend an ultra exclusive party on a yacht in Melbourne Australia. Despite signing a nondisclosure agreement and asked to leave their phones behind, Nyssa went on a tell all interview where she absolutely did not keep anything that went on on the boat disclosed.