Jesus Has A Tinder Profile And It Is Everything You’d Dream It’d Be

Tinder is an incredible place to meet people. Whether you’re looking for friends or a one night stand or something in between, it is a handy dandy hookup app. Tinder takes into consideration it’s public, it knows people are lonely, it does not exclude any one group of individuals nor does it prefer one either.
Celebrities and common folk alike have been matched on Tinder. Since sexuality is an ever evolving human society factor, it has been hard for people with particular tastes to find love on Tinder. For a really long time bi, trans, poly, and other sexual orientation groups didn’t quite feel Tinder was for them.
That is, until Tinder updated it’s settings to 37 different option for however the f*ck YOU identify. Showing that it clearly does not discriminate, there is one specific person belonging to one specific part of society, that has now jumped online. You may be shocked to hear this but his name is Jesus Christ.