How Much Money Does An Adult Film Star Actually Make? We Found Out

Being an adult film star isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, most of us can name a handful of big names who have made it big, but working in the industry isn’t quite as lucrative as films like Boogie Nights would lead you to believe. In fact, pay rates for performers are currently at an all-time low. More and more adult film stars are being forced to seek out other revenue streams like product endorsement deals, Snapchat requests, camming platforms and prostitution just to make a living.

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A recent report by CNBC says the average male adult film actor earns only $500-$600 per scene. The actors with more experience and clout pull in $700-$900. “Superstars” can expect make around $1,500. However if you don't mind banging dudes, you can make a lot more. Popular performers can make upward of $5,000 for a shoot, which is why we starting see the “gay-for-pay” trend.

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