Hong Kong Real Estate Tycoon Is Offering Millions For Any Man Willing To Marry His Daughter But There’s A Catch

In the past 5 years a big part of the world population has come to learn and accept those of the LGTBQ community more and more. However, there is a big chunk of those who have not, usually for religious reasons or purposes. But it is those religious people who fit the definition of double standards.
South China Morning Post
Take Cecil and Gigi Chao for example. Cecil is a real estate tycoon in Hong Kong and expanding to many other countries in Asia. Imagine a Japanese Donald Trump, with better hair, and no ambitions to run a country.
“” Cecil is not only like Donald in the sense of being in the real estate business, he is also a misogynistic a**hole like Donald, who thinks he can control the women around him with loads of money. Starting with his eldest daughter, Gigi.