17 People Reveal What It Was Like When They Found A Friend Or Family Member While Watching Adult Sites

At some point in all of our lives we have seen a few adult films. Maybe some of us still do, ok maybe a lot of us still do, it’s completely normal and healthy. A few experts might say that they have a favorite star or two, after all an expert knows what they like and don’t like.
W Magazine
Looking through endless categories, sections, and tags in XXX websites is part of the hunt. Finding the right video isn’t always easy or short, it takes a lot of browsing, sometimes you have to explore 3 minutes in to truly decide.
Loyola Phoenix
Anything can happen in those 3 minutes...ANYTHING. You could, for lack of better terms “arrive early”, decide you don’t like that video at all, or worst of all see someone you know. The Internet is a wonderful place where anonymous stories can be shared anywhere and these people experienced just that, seeing a recognizable face while attempting to rub one out.
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