This Sexbot Is Bilingual, Has Memories, Can Give BJ’s, And Get Wet

As far as robots go, I think it's safe to say we all wish we weren't annihilated by them. We all share that sentiment right? I mean we have seen first hand what happens to heroes like The Terminator and Will Smith in like 4 different apocalypse movie. Despite those films belonging to the previous decade and a half, we can look around today and see robots are actually everywhere.

The Sun

And as far as annihilation, it's not coming anytime soon. First, they're rallying their armies and getting humans to like them. This is my theory- sexbots are here to prove that "humans don't need each other and that's how they're going to take over. It's the classic mind control then blow them up tactic we have all feared. And how advanced are we on this? Oh, you must not have heard about Harmony, the latest development in AI sexbot technology, she talks back, has a memory, and her lady parts get wet when you want them to.

Daily Mail