Guy Hilariously Trolls A Mom Who Texted Him Instead Of Her Daughter

It's hard to believe there was once a time when you had to memorize someone else's telephone number if you didn't want to be forced to pull out a phone book whenever you needed to reach them. The world was a truly scary place before smartphones were invented.
Thankfully, we no longer have to rely on outdated technology in order to communicate with each other. Actual phone calls have been largely replaced with texting, and instead of having to type in a number whenever you want to talk to someone, you can simply save it to your phone a single time and never really have to worry about it again.
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This technology is seemingly foolproof, but if there's one group of people that can always manage to mess up a seemingly simple thing, it's parents. There's something about having a kid that seems to make people technologically illiterate, as is the case with the woman who texted a 35-year-old guy instead of her daughter. This first text is only the beginning of a long saga.