Naked Guy Spotted On His Lover’s Roof After Husband Comes Home Early

It should be common sense to never get in bed with a married person. However, there are countless people around the world who find themselves in this situation. Many get away with it...many do not. Today, we have an unfortunate guy who seems to be caught in a messy situation...and unfortunately for him it went viral.
While we are not 100 percent sure this guy was having an affair with a married woman, what we do know for sure is that he was spotted crouching down on the window frame of the apartment...with no clothes on.
Now, if you are like us, you are assuming what we are assuming. This guy was in bed with a married woman and her husband probably arrived home unexpectedly...leaving him without clothes on out in the open sitting underneath their window. Hilarious...and also kind of sad, this video is a must see lol!