Guy Trying To Impress A Girl Going Down An Escalator Falls And Breaks His Arm In The Process

When it comes to courting women, some men have all the moves, others still need some experience and practice. It’s true, women are all different and fickle creatures, but one thing a man should keep in mind when it comes to courting us is that sometimes, less is more.


In nature, male animals have to court the female and attract her in order to get her to notice him and mate with him. Sometimes these gestures don’t take a lot, like when a peacock simply flashes it’s feathers, in this instance it’s more about what you have to say than how you say it.

Not to narrow it down to one stereotype or anything but some girls are definitely into guys who put in the effort and confidence to come up and talk to us. All we ask is you treat us as the equal gender human beings we are. Don’t be a pig, make us laugh, and you will get a long way. This is not the case for the poor sucker in this video.