This Man Has An Open Relationship With His Girlfriend… But He Has To Stay Faithful

Open relationships are slowly becoming more and more popular. Back when Kanye rapped the famous words, “Love is cursed by monogamy,” he might not have known how much that rang true to a lot of people.
The Federalist
Polyamorous relationships have been around for a long time now, and the community is growing one in the U.S. They just keep to themselves since it is sort of looked down upon. I think these are very delicate things mostly because you have to try and balance the power.
“” Not one person can have too much of it or it ends up looking a bit like an over powering of the other’s and that can be misinterpreted as abusive and somewhat controlling. There are people out there that give polyamorous folks a bad name, people like Adam and his girlfriend Beatrice.
The Sun