The World’s First Sex Theme Park Is Opening In Brazil

When you think of Brazil, you tend to think about pristine beaches, blue waters and an endless carnival spirit that seems to go on 24/7…and you probably also think about soccer, known as futbol in Brazil, the beautiful game that Brazilians believe they invented no matter what you say to the contrary.
However, Brazil is also known for its bevy of stunning, golden-hued women from all types of different cultural backgrounds. In fact, Brazil’s women are so beautiful, curvy and diverse that they have become somewhat resented by women throughout the rest of the world who feel that they can’t match up with those kinds of expectations, and that’s in large part because the women in Brazil exude sexiness, and that can be threatening to those who don't feel so sexy.
So, imagine how the rest of the world is going to feel when Brazil debuts ErotikaLand, the world's first sex-themed amusement park. The park is set to open in 2018 in Piracicaba, and before you imagine all kinds of debauchery and wild behavior, the people behind the park's creation have said that it is intended as a place to "promote healthy attitudes towards sex." So let's see the main attractions...