Dana White Just Revealed What He Predicts Conor Will Make From The Floyd Mayweather Fight

Time keeps passing by and no word yet on the official time, date, and place for the legendary fight between Irish MMA champion and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. We’ve been dragged around so long between the two bickering rivals that the whole thing seems like a big joke.
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However, there is hope. Given the fact the McGregor, being who he is, really really, I mean REALLY, wants to beat Floyd at his own game we are sort of relying on his persistent attitude to make this happen.
“” The two of them have been going at each other’s throat on social media, provoking each other and the public. There is one other person who is third wheeling this and it’s, of course, Mr. Dana White. Who in a recent statement gave away the predicted amount of cash McGregor could win from this fight, and let me tell you, it is enough to motivate him to make this happen.
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