This Is What 99.9% THC Looks Like And Yeah You Can Drool A Little

Ever since weed became legalized for both medicinal and recreational purposes, the botanists, scientists, and medical research nerds have had a field day with the possibilities.


You see, legalizing cannabis has made it legal/possible for these geeks to get down to study everything and anything revolving around the plant. Which means they found over a hundred ways to modify it.


By modify I donโ€™t mean f*ck with, donโ€™t worry nobody is lacing your weed, I just mean we went from smoking a plant, to keif, to hashish, to shatter, to oils, to vapesโ€ฆ This was all from those kinds of research experiments. And now, well, now my friends, we have peeked into the future. And itโ€™s as clear as a crystal, a THC Crystal that is.