Coffee Shop Owner Could Go To Jail For Using Naked Chicks To Sell Coffee

Cafe owner Prason Sukkorn wanted to attract people to his fine establishment in Chonburi, near Bangkok. So he got model Arisa Suwannawong to dress in high heels and an apron, and serve customers. Arisa Suwannawong – who uses the nickname ‘Jaenae with the huge boobs’ – with nothing but a skimpy apron on while Prason Sukkorn took pictures of her serving customers.


While in a clip outside the cafe in Chonburi, Thailand, she flaunts her chest while saying ‘the coffee is so good, they use plenty of milk’, glancing down at the breasts. But the stunt backfired and Sukkorn is now facing a jail sentence of three to five years and or a fine of 100,000 Thai baht ($3,200) for obscenity.