This Girl Chopped Off Her Pinky Finger For The Hell Of It And Posted The Whole Thing On Facebook

We live in a day in age where women are having to fight for their rights to our very own reproductive organs. Though I agree we should be able to do whatever we want to our bodies, some people really take it to the extreme.
There’s a big cult following those fanatics of extreme tattoos, piercings, and even “body modifications” they sometimes refer themselves as freaks but most of the times they are regular people just like us.
New York Daily Post
I’m no expert on body modifications, but I have to assume that people do them in order to 1. Feel better about themselves 2. The thrill of it all. Hey, whatever peels your banana man, but this one London tattoo artist has taken her body mods a bit too far. And not one to shy away from the camera apparently, she shared the whole thing on Facebook.