Trashy Cam Girl Goes Viral After Bragging About How Her Inmate Boyfriend Traded A Line Of Coke For A Tattoo

In today’s world people tend to overshare on social media. Sure, the sole purpose of social media is to enlighten your friends and family on what is going on in your life so you can avoid calling.
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But there are just some things that are better kept to ourselves. Not only because of family or whatever, but because it is public. This allows hundreds, possibly thousands, of other people welcome to judge and make comments on your very public situations.
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Such is the case for one girl who apparently feels NO shame in ANY game, because she is a Snapchat cam girl. A job that I imagine, nobody really knew of until now. Her Twitter isn’t exactly SFW either but what made her go viral was the fact she seems to have seriously low standards on who she dates.