Britain’s Most Beautiful Female Firefighter Competing For The Miss England Title

Amy Brown is a woman firefighter so that already makes her braver than your 5 closest bros. However, Amy is also a pageant beauty queen, and that makes her stronger than my 5 closest girlfriends. Pageants are no joke, the rules, the lifestyle, and the stress of winning, it’s a special kind of hell to endure. But Amy Brown is here to show us up and she is heading for the biggest crown of Britain, Miss England.
Amy Brown is only a trainee firefighter but in the pageant world she is an expert. Having beat out over 20,000 girls in pageants all over the place, she has recently been crowned with the most honorable title yet. Amy won for the local Miss Cheltenham pageant a few weeks ago. But Amy is ambitious and she is going for the gold. Hoping to enter and win in the Miss England pageant this would make her the first firefighter to ever enter the competition nonetheless win it.
Daily Express