Women Reveal The Awful Things Men Do On Dating Sites That Are The Biggest Turn Offs

Recently, there was an Ask Reddit question about what men are doing wrong on dating sites. The exact question was, “Women on dating websites: What are men doing wrong?” Well, turns out men are doing a LOT wrong on these sites. So, if you are a guy and you are into online dating...you might want to continue reading...
The amount of women who had words of advice for men on these sites was almost shocking. Here is what everyone had to say. Eggrolt said, "Old photos on their profile. I was talking to this guy about and being catfished I said (as a joke), '…your photos aren’t from 2014 or something right?' And he admitted that his photos were old and that he doesn’t look like that anymore." Yeah, come on. Use a recent photo. They will find out eventually anyway...
MissyJ22 spoke some truth saying, "Immediately telling us they’re horny. Soooooo BORING." Yeah, that's not exactly how you talk to a woman you've never even met...and while Eatmelikeacannibal has a pretty disturbing username, she had some solid advice, "Shirtless bathroom mirror selfie as profile photo." Just don't do it.