These Adult Films Stars Are Basically Real Life Barbie Dolls

In the past few years, Barbie dolls have come under fire for setting unrealistic body and beauty standards for young girls. The makers of the doll have responded by making different size dolls from a variety of backgrounds, but despite the diversification, there’s still one mental image that comes to mind when the word “Barbie” is mentioned.


To most people, “Barbie” will always refer to a tall, perfectly shaped woman with blonde hair, and while the doll might skew people’s idea of beauty, it has also inspired plenty of women to follow in her footsteps. Her looks but be unrealistic for some women, but certainly not for all.


Need proof? Look no further than these adult film stars who are basically real life versions of Barbie dolls. Take Rikki Six, for example. She might be one of the best examples of a Barbie doll we’d love to play with in real life, but she’s far from the only one. Keep reading to see who else made the list…

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