Actress Caught In An OOPS Moment And Her Towel Did Not Come To Her Rescue

Have you ever had that mini panic attack, usually after using a public restroom, when someone tells you to check your zipper? Or when a gust of wind blows between your legs and flashes the people behind you? Itโ€™s a lot less glamorous than Marilyn Monroe would have us believe, but the truth is wardrobe malfunctions happen to all of us.

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When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions celebrities are the most vulnerable. Sure when us common folk have a wedgie to pick or a nipple in danger of hanging out, it is a quick fix and almost always remains unseen. For those celebrities who are elites and followed by paparazziโ€™s literally at every turn, it can be a little harder to hide the accidental flashing. It does in a way make celebrities easier to relate to.


However, when this sort of thing happens to us we tend to freak out and lose our sh*t. The difference between us and celebrities is that they have to keep their heads held high and composed. We admire them for keeping their cool and rocking their outfits regardless of the slip upsโ€ฆ

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