According To Adult Film Stars, These Are The 4 Sex Positions We Should ALL Avoid

As adult film performers the goal of each scene was to give the viewer the best angle of all the sex that was going down. It all begins with the first move to completely avoid:

The One Leg Raised Doggy Style.

Some girls just find it to be uncomfortable and not enjoyable at all. So don’t worry if you don’t like it. Lots of girls don’t particularly enjoy it. If that’s the case, make sure to speak up. Having trouble? These steps to improve sexual communication can help. This position gives the viewers great viewing access to the female’s entire body including the vag. Male viewers much prefer this position than having to watch penetration from behind and between the male performer’s legs — where the viewer must endure looking at the male’s behind. This position is physically taxing on the women having to keep her leg raised and can actually be painful to the receiver. Some girls found that their raised leg cramped up in this position. Anal sex is slightly harder than vaginal sex in the Fire Hydrant position. This is because your man is raising you upwards, which raises your anus further away from his penis. Other positions you might want to try: Teaspooning Corner Doggy Style Bended Knee
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