24 Of The Highest Things To Ever Happen While Stoned

When you’re high, the whole world opens up to you in a new way. You see things differently, you realize like a lot. Not to sound too much like Kylie Jenner but whoa is she a pothead?! Okay, sorry, I got sidetracked. (See?! I’m realizing stuff) Anyway, point is if you smoke weed you have these moments, a lot. And there are some that are entirely too much to handle. When you get high there are certain levels. You can get buzzed, you can get high, you can get stoned, and there’s a little something we refer to in the marijuana community as, getting couch locked. That’s usually when you have gotten so high you basically have morphed into one super being with the couch you’re sinking into. And your mind is on an extravagant adventure of discovery and hilarity. Luckily for us, a lot of the times anyone has gotten couch locked there has been a PC nearby. Which has gifted us with these top higher than high moments, that we can all relate to.
Sick Chirpse