19 Teens Wore Their Mom’s Vintage Dresses To Prom And Looked Incredible

Prom can be a life-changing experience for young people. Now even though the prom culture has changed significantly throughout the years, one thing remains the same: the need for these kids to look their absolute best. So today, we have handpicked 19 teens that wore their mom's prom dresses to perfection! Did you know that a prom was once held in the East Room of the White House. President Gerald Ford had a daughter, Susan, who was about to graduate high school. And what better way to give her the prom night of her dreams if not by hosting it at the very White House? With regards to the cost, prom night can be painful for your wallet. As per Visa's 2014 Prom Spending Survey, the normal family unit burned through $978 on prom-related costs in 2014. While that appears to be steep, it's really a drop of 14 percent over the earlier year's normal of $1,139. Ever wonder how many people find the love of their lives in high school? Well Jon Bon Jovi shared a history class with a beautiful girl named Dorothea Hurley, who eventually became his girlfriend. They went to Prom together and eventually got married. Like we said earlier, prom is very important to young people. And studies have found that getting their driver's permit is the most important. But going to prom is the second important experience for the present day youngsters. The cost for the outfit can go up to $700 for young ladies and up to $400 for young men. Be that as it may, there are as yet different costs included. Renting a limousine, taking formal photographs, and the after-party are other costs. Prom time make alot of money for alot of different people. There are about 40 million young people in the U.S. So with that said, the total amount spent should be around $4 billion. But the outfits specifically aren't just important to these kids. Who do you think cares for the tuxedos, the dresses, the nails, the limousines, and all the after-prom activities in the first place? Obviously, the same people that are paying for them - the parents! Christina Aguilera made her colleagues so jealous at prom that they left. The jealously got worse when Genie in a Bottle began playing. Her schoolmates were so envious of her that they all left. Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Paul Wesley have never gone to prom. Madonna says she didn't go to it since she couldn't get a date, and she didn't think she would fit in. So she chose to remain home while her friends were having a fabulous time on the move floor. The same goes for Paul Wesley, who guarantees that young ladies didn't care for him that much in secondary school. For Miley Cyrus, it was a very different story. She could have gone to the huge night if it hadn't been for the Hannah Montana movie that she needed to shoot. The average price of a prom proposal is $325. Considering the amount they cost, they should be marriage proposals! Albeit a few thoughts can be truly inventive, for example, scrounger chases or notwithstanding skywriting, there might be greatly improved ways that cash could be utilized for. Geography seems to have an impact in how much youngsters and their folks will fork over for the enormous night. As indicated by the Visa review, families on the West Coast spend the most, averaging $1,125. And then people in the Midwest spend the slightest, totaling $835 by and large. Parents who bring home a greater paycheck will probably have further pockets with regards to prom spending. The 2014 Prom Spending Survey found that among family units procuring under $50,000 a year, spending arrived at the midpoint of simply over $700. Guardians who made over $50,000 gave their wallets to a greater degree an exercise, spending a normal of $1,151. For young ladies, going to prom is about the dress, and finding the ideal one at the correct cost is no simple assignment. A 2012 survey directed by Seventeen magazine found that young ladies wanted to burn through $231 overall for a dress, also another $45 for shoes and $23 for a purse to run with it. Toss in $50 for hair styling, $32 for gems and $68 for nails and cosmetics, and you're now surrounding $500. While guys normally spend less on their outfit, they're still paying a pretty penny to look awesome. As per research from The Legacy Press, folks spent by and large $184 for a tuxedo, $34 for a boutonnière and $64 for assistants to prepare for their 2013 prom. Now that's quite a cost for just one night! It's not weird for a girl to spend $200, $300 or even $400 on a prom dress. But there's one that carries a price tag that far outstrips the competition. Offered by the Philadelphia-based retailer Golden Asp, this diamond-encrusted creation designed by La Femme sells for $13,997. Mishaps are the main source of death for youngsters matured 12 to 19, and those including engine vehicles are the most well-known. Insights indicate about 33% of liquor related youngster movement fatalities happen amongst April and June. And those months are viewed as the pinnacle of prom season. Whether you're a concerned parent or a teen who's counting down the days until the anticipated event, just be careful. You want to be able to remember this night for a long time. So make sure you are smart and looking your absolute best! Source: ViralThread